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Order A New Car

Ordering Your New Hamke in 5 Simple Steps

Ordering a new Hamke chassis is simple. We have five easy steps to go through in order to receive one of the best racecars on the market today. See the tabbed layout at right to review each step of the process.

If you need additional information in regards to your new car, such as popular build options, ask our sales department to provide you with information on them. For instance, there are four or five different fuel cell configurations. Most people work with the default style without problem, but some applications require special construction.

To begin the process of purchasing your new car, call our sales department at 704-660-0202.

Step 1: Get a quote for a new car.

Think you know what you want on a car? Or maybe you simply want to budget for the upcoming season? The first step to getting a new car is to have us generate you a quote for one. Long-time customers often skip this step and go right to step 2, but if you’re a newer customer, this is important. It helps to lay the groundwork for what you expect during the build process.

You’re not locked into anything on your quote. If you quote a full car and decide to go with a roller once build time comes around, that’s fine. Up until build time, you may change anything you desire to get your new car just the way you want to receive it. After the build has begun, it might be a bit more difficult to make changes and may incur extra expense.

Step 2: Reserve your spot on the list with a deposit!

Especially during the busiest times of the year, our build list can grow like a freshly watered flower in the desert. By giving us your deposit, your spot on the list is guaranteed and if you want to adjust your timing from there, you may.

To reserve your spot on the build order list, a minimum deposit of $1000 is required.

Step 3: Spec out your new car

What do you want on your new chassis? Do you want it to be delivered as a frame only? Roller? Complete racecar? Or somewhere in between all of these?

Plan what you want to do with your new racecar. Knowing your course of action helps us to build your car quicker. As your build time approaches, having an idea of what we will be doing helps us to plan vendor orders and shop logisitics.

We have a full build sheet available and many popular options that most customers have us install on their cars. Review your needs prior to build time to ensure you get everything you desire.

Step 4: Finalize your specs and send a build-time deposit.

After you have reviewed the specs on your car and consulted with our sales staff, you should have a ballpark figure of where your car will come out, pricing-wise. You may make some adjustments as the process goes along, but we should be pretty close at this point.

A deposit of 50% of the total expected cost is due to start the build.

Make sure your plan is in place! Once the build has started, it’s difficult to change chassis options or some bolt-on parts without incurring additional costs. Consult with our sales department if you’re on the fence about anything on your new car.

Step 5: Take delivery of your new Hamke!

This is the fun part. Once your build has begun, it usually means you’re only a few weeks away from taking your new chassis home.

Our sales department will work with you to update your estimated completion dates so you can plan a pickup of your new chassis. All remaining balances are due at pickup in order for us to release the car.

We encourage customers to pick up their chassis or have someone they trust do so. We are extremely reluctant to ship a chassis via motor freight due to the likelihood of them receiving damage in-transit. Even bare frames, somehow, can get wrecked by trucking companies.